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I photograph images of life and fun, while focusing on off-road and outdoors subjects. Recreation and scenery are my main topics of interest for photography, but I like to focus on motorized recreation (off-road) such as four-wheeling and four-wheel drive rigs. It's all about enjoying life and having some fun when you can. However, I can't over emphasize how important it is to be responsible in what we do in the great outdoors.

Responsible recreation and especially responsible motorized (off-road) recreation are key components of keeping our lands and trails open to things like sight-seeing or rock crawling in our four-wheel drive or ATV or dirt bike or snowmobile, or whatever. When we are off-road and outdoors, we have to do it right and obey the law and rules.

I’ve got this thing about patriotism and the American Flag.  I love to photograph the flag wherever I go.  Freedom is a big issue for me, just like having and maintaining access to our public lands.  Whether you’re a four-wheeler, dirt biker or any other trail user, use your voice of freedom, get out there and vote and get involved in helping to keep our public lands open for ours and future generations to enjoy. 

On my web site you will see lots of four-wheel drive and motorized recreation images, but as well, wildlife and nature images such as majestic grizzly bears and beautiful birds. I make it a point never to bother or disturb the critters I photograph, even if I am on a dirt bike or four-wheel drive of some sort -- I keep my distance.  Please do the same if you like to photograph critters. Thank you, Stacie.

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