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Images: Holiday Gift Ideas

I suggest books and/or videos for your four-wheeling friends. You can't go wrong. If they already have them, they can trade them. If they don't have them, they'll love 'em. Adler Publishing does a couple series, Backcountry Adventures are large soft bound books that give you wonderful adventure opporutnities, maps, GPS, and historical facts. These are great guide books. David Showalter adds video and first hand stories to more mines and mountains than you can imagine. And if you're looking for unique stuff, clothes, bikini undies, trail toilets and more, visit Rocky Give these supporters and friends a shot. You'll not be sorry.

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Image: Adler Publishing
Books like these Backcountry Adventures make great holiday gifts.



Adler Publishing at

Visit David Showalter here and visit Rocky right here!


Utah, Colorado and Nevada videos from David Showalter (shown here with me) are wonderful evening treats -- especially if you want to experience the mountains, the mines, and the memories, anytime of year.

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